Control the digital customer journey

Customer experience and immediate fulfillment are defining the insurance industry.

The line between back-end and customer-facing apps is blurring

Most customers shifting to mobile-first want more transparency, access, and personalization, forcing insurers to adopt core and front systems to control the digital customer journey.


Problems and Solutions

WagaInsurance addresses transformation challenges and enables Insurance companies to transition from the traditional to the Digital world.

Key challenges
The solution

Multiple core consolidation

You have multiple cores and don’t need all the information all the time. But a digital user wants all of their information relevantly displayed in the app. If you can’t provide data visibility, you’re not selling tickets to a digital customer journey.

We separate back-end administrative and IT overhead from the relevant user information in existing systems and allow insurers to consolidate data through an admin-friendly platform. This saves months of back-end integrations.

Rapid ecosystem expansion

Whether insurers use CORE systems from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant vendors or local firms, they need to add new things. New services, AI or emerging technologies, smart features, or local compliance and critical governance updates.

We eliminate the need for connecting novelties to the core by providing a platform that can connect internal or partner developments easily and quickly with just one standardized connection.


Multi-tenant & multi-language

We are here to drive your group consolidation of applications and systems. Allow different countries, regions, and areas to stay local by following regional and international standards. Harmonize your business using the Multi-Tenant and Multi-Language functionalities of WagaInsurance.

We enable insurance IT to provide an internal app platform to all member companies. A platform connected to main core systems. Data is exchanged without further integrations. Publishing new services is easy and requires only standardized APIs, making digital services developed in one region accessible to other subsidiaries.

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