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What is it

With the eruption of cloud technology, comprising both public and private clouds, day-to-day management of cloud service provisioning has become extremely complex. IT departments are struggling to keep up with demands for new service provisioning and integration of cloud applications with each other and with on-premise applications. Cloud brokers act as intermediaries between cloud service providers and enterprises. Typically, they will provide several capabilities, including:

Who can benefit

For sellers

One place to onboard, sell, advertise, manage and bill your subscription channel partners and customers.

For buyers

One-Stop-Shop for your requested services, centralized procurement, aligned billing, and simplified provisioning.

Self-Service Portal

Users can self-discover and acquire the services they need. If you want to offer them guidance, the platform supports advanced communication and collaboration functionalities.

Service Catalogue

Overview of all on-boarded services and partners. A place to change, update and optimize your service offering.


Showcase and sell your services in an internal or external marketplace. Define pricing and package selected services to gain more sales. User-friendly, simple, and a great user experience across digital channels.

Partner & Service Onboarding

API standards enable a quick and seamless onboarding of new partners and their services to the platform. The customizable onboarding process guarantees quality assurance, technical and commercial due diligence.

User & Partner Management

Partner and User identity management. Easy and convenient management of required user credentials to monitor your platform engagements.

Subscription Management

The platform provides no-time sales trials to complex subscription modules. It facilities different payment frequencies, metered billing and real-time changes to services across your partner and customer base.

White Label Product

WagaCloudBroker is a fully ready white label product and can be branded and customized to look like your platform with simple configuration steps.

Seamless Integration

WagaCloudBroker integrates seamlessly in existing environments because of pre-defined API standards and state-of-the-art architectural implementation.

Cloud Catalogue

WagaCloudBroker comes with a pre-defined catalog of ready cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) to be provisioned and used for business.

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