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A bridge from the old economy into the new Digital World

WagaLabs platform helps Companies to implement their digital business and represents a “bridge” from the old economy to the new digital world.

If you quickly want to create new Digital Business Models or transform traditional into Digital Business, your starting point is WagaPlatform.


Fast time to Market

"Lego" Block Approach

Driven by APIs

Ecosystem Included

Cloud Native

Scale big, deploy fast and secure your business by natively running in the Cloud.


Let us lead the way! Automation will be of great help when managing your workflow.

Ecosystem Management

The easy way to orchestrate your Digital Partners across the value chain.

1, 2 - Multi Platform Ready

Build one, two or Multi sided platform business models on WagaPlatform.

Key Components of the Platform

We decided to develop WagaPlatform the way it can serve diverse use cases in multiple industries. Our inspiration came from the kids age, when most of us were playing with LEGO Blocks, which was fun and quite individual by sticking to some basics (the blocks).

This is how our platform is built today, a set of steadily increasing buildings blocks can be orchestrated and configured the way it is required to implement a modern Digital Business Model and to build a bridge from Traditional to Digital Economy.

Building blocks

The platform is built on different, independent functional blocks that deliver the vital technology stack required for sustainable growth in the Digital Economy.

Building blocks

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