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We support Enterprise Companies to scale their Digital business through our software products and advisory services.
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We drive Digital!

We scale your business to the next level by creating a single to multi-sided platform business model that leverages your Customer, Partner, and Ecosystem network growth.

Transform rapidly from traditional Pipe into Digital Platform business model by building on our ready-made Platform Building Blocks applicable for diverse industries.

How we do it?


Start the Digital transformation of your company with our advisory

Our goal is to make you a Digital leader! That’s why we are eager to help you define new business goals and strategies. WagaLabs advisory helps you:


Your Foundation for Digital Business is our platform

Fast implementation and Quick Wins by leveraging our platform’s existing Digital building blocks to realize your requirement.


Establish digital commerce business for your customers

You want to move into eCommerce and service your customers online? We are supporting you to do that by implementing WagaMarket.


Digitalize your Merchant Business today

Besides seamless and reliable electronic payment capabilities merchants expect more digital features to upgrade their business. WagaLabs Merchant offers them:


Grow your digital business with WagaBroker

Enable customers to consume your services on one holistic platform. Promote your business through a marketplace for enterprise-approved services and enjoy the benefits:


Upgrade customer experience with WagaInsurance

This solution addresses transformation challenges and enables Insurance companies to transit from traditional models to Digital. Discover the crucial benefits of WagaInsurance:


Why choose WagaLabs?

Long-term solutions

We strive to guide our clients to long-term sustainable business success, enabled by our digital solutions.

Great team

A team of fresh new minds, experienced technology experts and business leaders will help you to step into the digital age.

20+ million users

More than 20 million satisfied users are supported by our WagaLabs technology.

Ready to become Digital Leader with us?


A trusted Advisory & Technology partner for your digital ventures across verticals, company sizes, and geographies with its own Software Accelerators.